The partnership between Europe and Japan is linked together by a common vision of an open and innovative future economy, human rights and freedoms, aspiration for peace and security in the region and the world. Japan is one of EU’s most important political and economic partners in Asia and over the past few decades, Europe’s businesses have gained successful entries to Japanese markets.

The economic partnership agreement reached between the European Union and Japan in the year 2019 provides the opportunity to expand trade. But the Covid-19 has closed the borders for many countries to enter Japan to develop their businesses. It is an issue as the relationship with Japanese partners has to be build up through real and cultured communication.

There is a well-known statement that “Japanese are stable as the Yen” as the exchange-rate stability is very tight for the last few decades and it is culturally known for Japanese to be very loyal to their business partners. The statement is true but Japanese people have to know their business partners very well to develop this trust, therefore most of the time they require their business partners to have offices, bank accounts, and other legal things sorted out in Japan. “Full Circle Consulting” will help to take the first important steps for business development in Japan.

With offices both in Tokyo and Osaka – Full Circle Consulting is able to reach and navigate the complex Japanese business environment with ease, due to it’s highly competent and experienced team of international entrepreneurs and business veterans.  Being multi-cultural helps us understand and translate your business needs without encountering cultural pitfalls.


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