The Team is built from expert commercial diplomats. Our Japanese and European business consultants have a broad understanding of both regions and how business works in them legislatively, economically, politically, and culturally.

Alex Tsai

Alex Tsai is a successful and active Japanese businessman with a lot of connections in the economics sphere. Being part of the business ecosystem, Alex has gained knowledge about it from the inside, which helps him to understand how the overall Japanese business ecosystem works.

Previous work background.

- After joining Rakuten in 2008, he was in charge of managing ad spaces and creating many large features such as the Rakuten Top Page and Rakuten Super Sale. - He worked as an R&D team leader and a Shop of the Year project leader. Also, received an MVP award for organizing the “Emotional Page” – a story design method that stimulates purchase desire.

- In 2014, Alex founded a vacation rental business in the Osaka area when the term “vacation rentals” did not exist. Shortly after, the company expanded into a hotel business that acquired the Inn Business approval. He sold and exited this business - - In 2017 and co-founded Beepnow group that specializes in innovative workforce management software.

Arunas Rolicius

Arunas Rolicius has first-hand experience working in Japan. Having a background of over regional manager for Japan, he’s been on literally hundreds B2B meetings, dozens of conferences and expos.

Previous work background.

- Starting in 2010, he helped to bring new Trading software to a very conservative Forex market when working as a Marketing manager in Spotware.

- In 2013, Arunas joined PrimeXM as a business development manager and developed key partnerships with essential companies.

- After joining Tamro (Phoenix Group), he was responsible for identifying and securing important locations for new pharmacies, participating in government tenders, negotiating partnerships, and developing “out-of-the-box” solutions with new and existing partners in the real-estate, retail and medical sectors.

- Shortly after, in 2018, he became a Japanese market manager at OSA, where he developed the operations in Japan so skillfully that Japan became the No. 1 market for the company. 

Keita Suzuki

Keita Suzuki is a political economy graduate from Meiji University. For a long time he was in charge for human resources and general affairs in Japan, where he gained a lot of experience in IT sector.

Previous work background.

- In 2008  joined Sumitomo Riko Co., Ltd. and was in charge of domestic largest OA companies and succeeded with sales revenue of 300 million yen/month. From 2012 supervised large OA companies and received orders for new development projects. Through the corporate sales, resided in Hong Kong in 2014 and supervised customers from Shenzen, Dogguan, Guangzhou, Thailand and Vietnam.

- After 10 years of working with large OA companies, Keita established beepnow systems Co., Ltd. and developed beepShift and beepHR.

- Shortly after, he resigned from beepnow systems Co., Ltd. and established Avalanche Tech Co., Ltd., where he developed manufacturing DX, IT consulting, closed SNS and cloud-based personnel evaluation system of semi-custom-made.

Mark David Isaji

General Manager and Event Project Management Professional with over 7 years experience.

Perform project management tasks such as maintaining and managing project plans, production schedules, and budgeting.

Manage and supervise daily activities including training coaching, organizing, planning, staff operation, and performane related activities.