Early expertise. As the business culture in Japan is quite different from Europe, a consultation with an expert in the industry that Your business operates in can be quite beneficial. It is always better to have time for early improvements before a market entry than to understand the market differences when it’s too late. Locals are aware of market needs, whereas they can be a big question to a newcomer.


Trust building. After a trusted advisor analyzes your business model it is easier to understand how Your product or service is perceived in Japan.  The insights of local industry experts help to gain confidence before presenting the ideas to potential customers or business partners. Showing what is necessary for their market and what is based on local knowledge gains trust and helps to build loyalty.


Minimizing risk. Businesses that consult before entering a new market minimize the risk of market entry failure and capitalize easier on new market opportunities. Even if the critical analysis results can be harsh at first but if action is taken at the right time, the results will be surprising.