If a foreign company that is established abroad wants to expand their business in Japan, they should think about having an office there. Not only does it lighten the legislative processes when having an official enterprise address but it does also create a higher trust for Japanese partners.

Positive business identity. Having an office in Japan means being a trustworthy businessman. First impression count for the Japanese and when creating a partnership with a foreign company they tend to ask for minimal information about the company, which usually includes bank account and address in Japan.

Easier legal matters. When incorporating a business in Japan, it is necessary to have a company name and a registered address. These two aspects are very important as they are required for the Articles of Association documents. By this step, it is recommended to it along with a Consultancy firm just to ensure all processes are fulfilled.

Mobility. Usually, office spaces are near the metropolitan or bigger stations, so it will be easy to drive around meetings or welcome partners to visit Your business.

Saving up time. Most of the rental companies offer better deals than building owners. The initial fee is less than in-advance rental payments that usually vary between 6-9 months. They include office furniture and various spaces such as reception and meeting rooms. Also, they collect mail, offer cleaning service and internet.