The importance of having an office. If a foreign company wants to expand their business in Japan, they should think about having an office there. Not only does it lighten the legislative processes when having an official enterprise address but it does also create a higher trust for Japanese partners.


Incorporating business. For those who are seeking to open a business in Japan, there are three types of operations to incorporate business – to establish a Representative Office, a Branch Office, or a Subsidiary Company. Although the first one – the Representative Office – is not suitable for sales activities. Let us help You to choose the right type, prepare for the specific requirements and even find a place for a perfect office.


Obtaining VISA. Recently a “Start-Up Visa” became available in several Japanese regions that help out entrepreneurs that are coming to Japan. It is a 6-month Visa that is obtained after a business plan is submitted. After that, it is possible to extend its period. “Start-Up Visa” is only available in several regions, so if You do not see a region You are planning to build up business in, then consider a “4-Month Business Manager Visa”. During the four months, you have to open a bank account, obtain a residence card and register Your business. Let us help You to easily establish Your residential address in a short period.


Virtual office. As a temporary solution, we offer the opportunity to set up meetings and use our office when visiting Japan, which native businessmen will appreciate, as they tend to work with companies that have a local presence.