Analysing the needs. In order to find an ideal business partner, the first step is to analyze the needs of what particular partnership is required for the business to enter the Japanese market. As in most cases, business processes and agreements are slightly different than in the western countries. Understanding the business models on both sides and finding the perfect match can be a fairly tedious process.


Ensuring risk-free entry. As Japan is a highly populated country, there is a risk to fall into wrong hands or be a victim of swindlers. Also, there is a lot of stories with distorted price settings, exaggerated time-lines and unreasonable requirements. Fortunately, we’ll be able to ensure the best possible terms, that are based on real market conditions.


Using the network of connections. With the intention to find a business partner in Japan, a network of trust is needed. The founders of “Full Circle Consulting” have developed a huge network of connections throughout the years on their own experience. This knowledge is based in various Japan’s economic sectors who could be potential partners for new entrants. Lastly, connecting to the right partners and setting up B2B meetings is our main goal for our clients.