Conferences, exhibitions, and trade fairs are very important for business, especially if one wants to enter a new market. These specialized professional events help to grow business through networking. It is a perfect place for a producer to show himself and present his production to the industry peers who come looking for innovations. For those who already entered the market – it can be an ideal location to come and see how Your competitors are doing and how to set Your company apart from them. So what is crucial to know before attending one?

Dressing up the right way. No matter in what industry Your business is, in Japan it is appropriate to dress in some form of business attire. For men, it is a dark suit, white shirt, and polished shoes, while women usually wear a more conservative dark-colored dress with short heels.

Greeting potential partners. An introduction is the first impression You make on any person. So why not do it like the natives of the country You are visiting?  Bow 45 degrees angle while stating Your name and Your position in the business. It is most likely that the other person will do the same. Just do it without looking at each other and holding hands by the sides.

Business card preparation. Giving a business card in Japan means that a person offers his business as a solution either for a client or a business partner who is looking for business expansion. Take notice that not all people speak fluent English, so including Japanese translation would be a bonus. Also, Japanese business partners would rather get in touch with people who know their manners – present the card with two hands by pinching the corners between thumbs and index fingers. That’s the way it’s done in Japan.

Brochures. It might seem unimportant at first sight but in Japan, it is quite necessary to give hard copies of presentations or brochures. Japanese do appreciate it and are more likely to get back in touch with You. Just do not forget to include all the names, contacts, current client lists, and the main idea of what You are seeking.