Any business idea starts with an appropriate market analysis. It has to answer questions considering supply and demand and whether the products is competitive and in what sectors it would be mostly sought after.


Customer segments and buying patterns. Before entering a market, it is crucial to understand its volume and value and to analyze the why and how behind the market’s consumer purchase decisions. Grouping customers in different segments helps to create personalized offers and target them most accurately. Also, after analyzing their buying patterns, accurate assumptions help marketers to identify the key obstacles that need to be removed due to a successful purchase.


Competition. Understanding the main direct, indirect, and possible replacement competitors in the interested market helps to be prepared for possible threats. Also, pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of a company’s marketplace competitors is a great way to determine product placement.


Entry and regulation. Japanese customers are considered to be very demanding.  Their alertness is very high at the fresh presence of the product or service but after a successful purchase or when provided with good support, they keep very loyal to the favored product. Therefore, it is very important to understand the demand in Japan as well as the needs of consumers.